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Screenwriting in Paradise

Seven days of intensive learning where we will get hands on the essential writing steps on how make an idea into a script.

In seven days God created the world…
Well, for seven days you will be God and create your own world. You will have the power to create and to kill, build and name towering mountains, crash planes, go to distant planets, surpass Picasso, or break into the White House, even the Vatican, perhaps the Playboy Mansion, race dune buggies or win multiple Olympic Golds, steal a million bucks or lose ten million on a single bet, be found guilty of a murder you didn’t commit, but you escape to the proverbial deserted island populated only by sex-starved members of the opposite sex, all in great shape, with lots of exotic food, and most of all, good personalities... heaven... you’re in heaven... naaahhh, you’re just a screenwriter. A creator... THE creator. For a week, you are God!

The tutor will be JAMES FERNALD, screenwriting department director of the European Film College and former film development executive from Los Angeles.

The workshop will also have as a special guest JAN HARLAN, executive producer of “The Shining”, “Full Metal Jacket”, “Eyes Wide Shut” as well as director of the feature documentary “Stanley Kubrick: a Life in Pictures”. Jan will talk about music as a scripting tool, about the importance of the opening of a film and many other script-related topics – and he’ll back up everything with practical examples.

DAY 0 - Saturday, September 4th
3PM - Meet and greet – Welcome to Algarve! Brief overview of program and a few short films.
5PM - Screening of Stanley Kubrick: “A Life in Pictures”, followed up by an open session (Q&A) with the director, Jan Harlan.

DAY 1 - Sunday, September 5th
Morning - The Triple I’s - Intro, Ideas and Inspiration with Jim.
Afternoon - Our Inner Fantasy – Fantasy as the source of all creative writing with Jan.
7.30PM - Screening of “The Shining”. Q&A with Jan, the film’s producer.

DAY 2 - Monday, September 6th
Morning - The Journey - Getting your journey rolling. Clips and discussion with Jim
Afternoon - Story and Film Openings with Jan.
7.30PM - Screening of “Dr. Strangelove”. Q&A with Jan Harlan.

DAY 3 - Tuesday, September 7th
Morning - People - That’s what characters are, afterall. What makes them feel real, and what makes us care? Meet them with Jim.
Afternoon - Excercises, Outlines and Treatments. Your Story with Jim.
Evening - Poolside one on one discussions of your story with J & J.

DAY 4 - Wednesday, September 8th
Morning - The Importance of music in Film with Jan Harlan.
Afternoon - Sightseeing, beach lounging,’s all yours..
7.30PM - Screening of "Cría cuervos" by Carlos Saura (one of Kubrick’s favorite films). Open session following with J&J.

DAY 5 - Thursday, September 9th
Morning - Talk - as in DIALOGUE. Our characters love to talk. Why less is more. And it’s gotta be natural – with Jim.
Afternoon - More talk – as in SUBTEXT – what our characters are really trying to say. More fun with Jim.
7.30PM - Screening of Little Miss Sunshine.

DAY 6 - Friday, September 10th
Morning - Films that work, and films that don’t - Breakdown Little Miss Sunshine with Jim – a film that works. And then point the gun at American History X – a film that doesn’t and I’ll tell you why.
Afternoon - General Film Production. Discussion and clips with Jan Harlan.
7.30PM - The Night of 100 Stories.

DAY 7 - Saturday, September 11th
Morning - Your projects – with J & J.
Afternoon - Writers groups and development.
Evening - Wrap Party!

DAY 8 -Sunday, September 12th
Morning - Certificates handling. Farewell Algarve!

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